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Living with a KATANA.

ホーム: ブランドコンセプト

Brand Concept

With the above concept as our brand concept,

we propose a new lifestyle of displaying katana in accordance with the current housing style.

In addition to making display cases, we also offer support for purchasing and regular maintenance of swords.

Please enjoy the world of katana and their beauty.


About Display Case

ホーム: 展示ケースについて

Display the "Katana". Like decorating a picture.

Japanese swords, which are made by swordsmiths who have purified their minds and bodies, are both sacred and spiritual vessels that can exorcise all kinds of evil thoughts.
It is also one of the three types of sacred objects and has been treasured since ancient times.

Therefore, in Feng Shui, it is considered to be a good luck to decorate a Japanese sword to drive away evil spirits.

Strangely enough, it is also said that looking at a Japanese sword "naturally calms the mind".

-A restful, museum-like space in your room-

For those who want to get away from the daily stress of society and improve their concentration.
If you are one of those people, please take a look at the sword.
You will feel the vitality of the sword.


''Living with a KATANA''

You can enjoy a special space where you can enrich your life by being close to Japanese culture.

ホーム: ギャラリー


ホーム: 概要

Company Profile

Name                            : Circumo Inc.

Representative Director : Keisuke Nakamura

TEL                               : 045-315-4109

e-mail                            :

Established                    : June 6, 2018

Capital                           : 1 million yen

Business content            : Planning, production

                                       and sales of display cases

ホーム: お問い合わせ

Contact Us

Circumo Inc.

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